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Nearly 100 Youth & Adults come to Frankie & Johnnie's Pizzeria to get "The Scoop&qu

Nonprofit organization Seeds of a Father Inc. and Frankie and Johnnie’s Pizzeria team up to engage the community in a ice cream social. Story originally written June 29, 2016.

Get "The Scoop"

Virtually one hundred youth and adults came through Frankie and Johnnie’s Pizzeria located on 35 Island Pond Road in Springfield, MA yesterday to get “The Scoop”. In part The Scoop is the name of Frankie and Johnnie’s new ice cream parlor.Yes, you heard that correctly. One of the greatest tasting pizzeria’s in Western Massachusetts now serves scrumptious tasting ice cream. Owner of Frankie and Johnnie's Leon said the ice cream parlor has been open basically since the beginning of May. When asked how business has been thus far Leon reported "It’s going better than expected".

That certainly seemed to be a true statement yesterday as close to one hundred people who came to “The Scoop” reported that the ice cream was amazingly delicious. Jaquita Green, wife of Kevin Green, co-founder and CEO of Seeds of a Father Inc., a non-profit organization that works to strengthen fathers, families and communities here in Western Massachusetts described the ice cream as divine.


Another Scoop

Those who attended the ice cream social yesterday also received the scoop on the importance of literacy development. Seeds of a Father Inc. encouraged everyone to increase their language, reading and writing skills through their iREAD initiative. CEO of Seeds of a Father, Kevin Green said, “We believe that the adults have a major impact and can be very influential in helping their young grow in their literacy skills and that’s why we solicit their involvement.“ Research as shown that children grow in their academic achievement and are more motivated to learn when their parents are involved.

The ice cream social also included a clown that made various balloons for the kids and adults, the character Pikachu and a book raffle. Also in attendance were Wake Up Movement CEO Kyreem Tabar, Ayanna Crawford of AC Consulting and movie / music producer Stephen “Stix” Josey. Mr. Green highlighted the significance of families, community and businesses working together to support literacy development.

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