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The Young King Mentor Group at the Springfield Renaissance School

As a Master's in Social Work student at Springfield College, I have the pleasure of doing my internship at the High School of Renaissance in Springfield, MA. I serve in various ways there. However, I am leading a group of young men that I work to empower with life skills. I was presented the opportunity to serve as the new group leader when I learned that these group of young men, all 10th graders who had been meeting for the last 2 years had the desire to continue meeting.

I accepted the opportunity to lead these young kings and I’m committed to utilizing my education, skills and relationships to help them grow and develop to their greatest potential. I designed the Young King Mentor Group to give these young men the necessary life skills, perspective and opportunities to effectively build a successful life. The mission is to create a nurturing environment of young men that develop collectively with an emphasis placed on personal development for the welfare of all. They will be engaged in experiences empowering their education, economic and social development, get involved in community service, and go on YKMG field trips to provide exposure and connection.


On February 16, 2018 we were honored to have Mr. Edward Nunez, AVP Commercial Lending from the Freedom Credit Union as a guest presenter. Mr. Nunez did a great job educating the young kings on financial planning as part of the YKMG Speaker Series.

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