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In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Cinemark Donates a Screening of the Movie Marshall to Seeds o

In the month of January, in celebration of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday, Cinemark donated a private screening of the movie Marshall to Seeds of a Father. The movie Marshall was based on the life of the first African American Supreme Court Justice, Mr. Thurgood Marshall. He was widely known for the 1954 court case Brown v. the Board of education which ended racial segregation in public schools. It truly was a great time to reflect on the work of these two great Civil Rights Activists.


Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall had two different approaches to fighting social injustice. While Martin Luther King Jr believed in being arrested for the cause; Thurgood Marshall didn't believe in social disobedience. Although they disagreed in their approach as leaders they never publicly displayed it. In fact Mr. Marshall made a $1000 donation to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in efforts to help bail out those who were arrested. As history would record Brown verses the Board of Education case in 1954 was not the first desegregation case that Thurgood Marshall faced. In 1947 the Mendez v. Westminster School District case paved the way for desegregation in America. Author Duncan Tonatiuh wrote about the Mendez family's fight against desegregation in his book Separate is Never Equal.

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