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Sons of Thunder presents the Urban Male Education Conference in Windsor, CT

Springfield, MA March 25, 2019

In keeping up with our mission Seeds of a Father will be attending this powerful educational conference on Saturday, March 30th, 2019 in Windsor, CT. We continue to raise the honorable significance of fatherhood and demonstrate how positive father engagement is associated with the overall well being of children, families and communities.

Taken from their website:

The Sons of Thunder Coalition is a non profit organization that encourages inner city youth to understand the importance of strong educational performance and the establishment of sound career goals by using committed mentors while simultaneously exposing them to wellness, recreational and educational programming.

We are a youth development program, founded as a direct response to the “Million Man March”, originally occurring on October 16, 1995. Returning to Hartford, many community activists were fueled by the need and desire to do something concrete to help inner-city youths. The issues were clear: children needed positive, constructive activities, especially during the often dangerous and long summer months. They needed positive and accessible role models: people to help them pursue an education, hold down successful professional careers, take care of themselves and their families – people who look like them and care about them.

The Sons of Thunder Coalition serves and benefits inner-city youth, predominantly low income residents of Hartford. Participation is primarily focused on boys due to the severe need for positive role models, and the SONS’ proven ability to provide effective mentoring and programming in a gender specific setting. These youths are “recruited” by way of presentations made by volunteers and board members at local public schools in Greater Hartford.

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