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Seeds of a Father Inc., a 2020 Carlos Vega Fund for Social Justice Grant Award Recipient

May 1, 2020

Seeds of a Father is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the overall well-being and enrichment of father-child relational development. We work to demonstrate how positive father engagement is associated with the overall well-being of fathers, children, families and communities.

As an organization operating and practicing in Springfield, Massachusetts the subject of gun violence, violent crime rates, murder, and its effect on families are very important to us. While murders of violent deaths in general in the United States have not gone up substantially especially lately due to the coronavirus pandemic, the violent deaths by gun violence here in Western Massachusetts continue to take place. The impacts of these deaths on our families and communities here in Springfield are nothing short of catastrophic.

It is our hope through our Volley against Violence Initiative, we can help others understand the unique ways that people of color grieve and educate them about the distinct struggles of this population around the epidemic of gun violence. Operating in culturally humility is a critical first step in the process of healing and becoming more culturally competent. We believe that educating families regarding traumatic death, loss, grief, and healing, with an appreciation of the significance of resilience and spirituality are essential for everyone impacted by gun violence.

With the Carlos Vega Fund for Social Justice mini grant, we will partner with other groups and organizations who work directly with those impacted by gun violence.

"The mission of the Carlos Vega Fund is to honor Carlos’ commitment to a more vibrant and equitable community in the Greater Holyoke area by supporting individuals and organizations in the creation of social-justice related projects and programs."

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