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Mass Literacy Champion honoring his late Grandfather, James E Charles at Boland Elementary School.

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Springfield, Massachusetts

Massachusetts Literacy Champion (2018) Kevin Anthony Green, will read to students at Boland Elementary School via zoom in honor of his late grandfather, James E. Charles. Green reports "My grandfather was a spiritual man, a family man and an incredible father and grandfather. He and his wife, my late grandmother Irene Charles together raised 16 children and helped to raise a countless amount of their grandchildren as well." Green will read the book, GRANDDADDY'S TURN "A Journey to the Ballot Box by Michael S. Bandy and Eric Stein. This book is a great selection to encourage literacy development while the country is gearing up for election day.

Green, is a social work practitioner and founder/CEO of Seeds of a Father Inc., a local non-profit organization that is dedicated to raising the honorable significance of fatherhood. Seeds of a Father works diligently to demonstrate how positive father engagement is strongly associated with the overall well-being children, families and communities. Their iRead initiative is a promising literacy practice that engage fathers/male role-models in the lives and education of children and families.

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Good morning sir, first & foremost thank you for standing up for TRUTH and God The Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit. It's extremely important that we remember all that Jesus has done for US. Wow, you honor my father the way you do is very kind, warm and well deserved. He & my mom are the 2 responsible for the success of my life and the foundation of what family is supposed to be like when a male & female honor their roles as husband & wife, mother & father to support the Biblical Values that make strong & healthy citizens. Seed of my Father is a very good example of what your grandfather accomplished during hi…

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