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The importance & benefits of Giving Back to your Community during a Pandemic

Springfield, Massachusetts November 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly caused economic and social devastation: globally millions of people continue to be at risk and could be facing extreme poverty and undernourishment. During these troublesome times we need to work extra hard to manage our mental health. Anxiety and depression are on the raise and many are finding it difficult to cope while others are suffering from significant loss.

Although we are facing unprecedented times, we at Seeds of a Father and Operation S.O.S (Serving Our Students) desire to provide hope and moments of resilience throughout our community despite the fact that we are living in a crisis. Research show that a great way to help improve one's social emotional well-being during a crisis is by displaying empathetic actions. Being a volunteer is a great way to demonstrate empathetic actions. Research also indicates that, "people who volunteer regularly are healthier both physically & mentally and it reports that volunteering give people a sense of purpose."

Our organizations continue to work together in efforts to strengthen families and communities to create a positive impact. We encourage you to join in our efforts to counter the covid-19 pandemic by displaying support and generosity through volunteerism.

In Unity,

- Kevin Anthony Green, MSW Founder/CEO Seeds of a Father

- Kelly Dobbins, Executive Chef/ CEO Operation S.O.S (Serving Our Students)

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