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The 1st Day of Pre-School was very "EXHILARATING" for Lil George & his Father Jon #iRE

Our iREAD Initiative encourages children, youth and adults to grow in their literacy skills. We know and believe that language, reading and writing Resoundingly Expands Academic Development and must be modeled early in life. We believe that modeling literacy skills are the most effective way Research suggests that early language and literacy development play a critical role in the shaping of brain development. We at Seeds of a Father support learning that is interactive and experimentative in nature. "Many educators have believed that personal storytelling can serve as an effective bridge into schooling and early literacy," say researchers Miller and Mehler (1994).


Lil George will learn early that it just doesn't get anymore personal then learning how to write your own name. His father Jon is doing an amazing job helping him to identify and express his feelings regarding his first day of preschool and expanding his vocabulary. I'm sure that this will be a day that either of them will never forget.

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