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"Divided We Fall, United We Stand Because a Son Needs a Daddy, to become a Man"

Kevin Muldrow aka MullyMan was born in Baltimore, Maryland now resides in Atlanta, Georgia and was Bmore's most nationally recognized hip hop artist back in 2009. MullyMan's video "I Go Harder" was featured on MTV JAMS, MTV2, and Music Choice. MullyMan was also featured on MTV JAMS "Hood Fab" segment "D.C. Vs. Baltimore" edition were he competed against Wale. Kevon Re'mon'te (MullyMan's father) is formerly of the groups ' The Main Ingredient, The New Jersey Mass Choir and "The Softones". He is a song writer, entertainer and singer who was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. Re'mon'te now lives in Florida and performs globally. Here Father and Son team up on the track "Poppa Was".


Song of Reconciliation

The week following the record breaking box office movie Black Panther, couldn't be a more strategic time for MullyMan to release his hip-hop track "Poppa Was" featuring his father Kevon Re'mon'te. The track tells about the relationship that MullyMan aka Kevin Muldrow had with his father growing up as a child. MullyMan shared through his lyrics that it was common for children who grew up in the inner city not to grow up with the consistent presence of their fathers. He leads with great insight as he goes on to describe the catastrophic effects of broken homes that often lead to broken dreams of so many children who grow up estranged from their dads.


The story that MullyMan is sharing is not far removed from the core theme of the box office smash Black Panther nor what many families face today as the main characters suffered from the consequences of their father's mistakes. The U.S census bureau reported 62% of children in 2012 lived in single parent homes in Springfield, MA. The impact of fatherlessness is well documented, however is scarcely addressed. Studies have shown that over the years most men in therapy who are depressed have stressed the issues that so often come up about careers or relationships which can often be traced back to the lack of relationship with their fathers. Many are haunted by the catastrophe effects of father absence.

As adult men we can’t pretend away these old unresolved wounds because the hurt eventually resurfaces in other areas of our lives. The unexpressed hurt and anger often transfer onto our love relationships, parenting, challenges at work, and problems with authority. We must address these wounded and broken relationships in our families, just like MullyMan and his father did. We must be willing to create the necessary awareness of these problems as well as create initiatives to help restore these wounded and broken relationships.


We at Seeds of a Father salute MullyMan and his father Kevon Re'mon'te for this powerful song of reconciliation between father and son. We will at Seeds of a Father will continue the mission of raising the significance of father/child relational development.

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